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Hundred years after WW1: Doing Public History with Twitter

Are social media capable of tackling issues that deal with the past, or do they merely constitute a series of visual icons on web pages that allow us to share what we see and read with a selected choice of virtual “friends”? Could it be that we perceive these logos as also representing a portal that promotes user-generated content and participatory culture?….

Public History International. Beyond school? Comparative Perspectives, a Conference in Basel, October 2 – 3, 2015

Public History International. Beyond school? Comparative Perspectives (#phi2015) aims to explore and understand the ambiguous relationship between public history and history teaching from a variety of perspectives in a comparative way. In addition, the core authors of the Public History Weekly journal from all over the world will gather in Basel to introduce themselves in person to their readers.

Définir le champ de l’Histoire Publique Numérique, un atelier à THATCamp Paris 2015

Un atelier proposé pour THATCamp Paris a été voté par les participants à la “unconference” et s’est donc tenu le mercredi 10 Juin 2015 à 9 heures du matin. J’avais proposé -en mon nom et au nom de Mark Tebeau- l’atelier que Frédéric Clavert, un des organisateurs de THATcamp Paris, membre du THATCamp Council, a présenté en notre nom, mardi 9 juin au public quand, ni Mark ni moi n’étions encore à Paris. L’atelier portait sur la définition du champ de la Digital Public History (DPH) ou, en français, Histoire Publique Numérique.