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The Italian Public History Manifesto

As we know, the social role of historians as experts and potential influencer of contemporary debates because of their knowledge of the past and their critical skills applied to original sources, is challenged today. This is what denounced in 2015 Jo Guldi and David Armitage in a Manifesto that has been widely commented worldwide and translated into Italian.

La Public History: innovazioni metodologiche e prospettive divulgative nella scienza storica. Una discussione nella rivista “Storia e Futuro”

SeF: Cominciamo da una semplice questione di definizione e di metodo: come definirebbe la Public History, tanto in positivo quanto in negativo? Cosa è, ma anche cosa “non è”, la Public History? […].

Public History internazionale e uso-abuso della storia nei musei

This post is written in Italian and served as an introduction to the Memoria e Ricerca 2017 issue on History Museums and Public History. The papers we present were selected from panel presentations delivered during the International Federation for Public History (IFPH) 2ndinternational conference in Jinan, China in August 2015, which was part of the 22nd Conference of the International Committee for the Historical Sciences (ICHS).

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